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Beautiful websites designed to get your business online fast

Forget the hassle and expense of traditional website design

You need a beautiful online home to showcase your unique business, but you don’t need a lot of bells and whistles, you certainly don’t need to deal with the hassle of building and maintaining it yourself, and you really don’t want the expense of a custom-built site. 

While your new website will be simple, it won’t be generic or boring and certainly won’t look like everyone else’s sites. It will be beautifully and uniquely styled to fit your brand, and will stunningly showcase your business.

Simple, easy, beautiful!

So much more than just a website

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Hi! I’m Julie, your website design partner!

I care about much more than just building you a great website (although I care about that a lot!). I also care about helping you create a business that you love. 

Whether you are ordering a Simple Starter Site or hiring me to build a custom online home, my goal is to support you in creating an amazing business. I take the time to get to know my clients and will do my best to offer guidance, resources, and of course a website that will help you be successful. 

What my clients are saying
Ginny, Hope Care Clinic
Our website is the face of our non-profit and I couldn't be more pleased with the ease of navigation, quality, and professional look that Julie gave to our new website. She was very knowledgeable and timely for all of our deadlines. I would highly recommend her services!
Carl, Seattle Ice Cream Catering
If you don't have someone you trust with your website call Julie. She's professional, has great design sensibilites and is a cool person to work with!
Linda, Hope Care Clinic
Exceptional personalized service with innovative solutions.

The process is simple, easy, and beautiful...

This is the fun part! I will help you choose and gather your fonts, colors, images, and text, and you simply send them my way.

Take it easy while I customize your new site

Just because this is a simple site, doesn’t mean it’s generic. I will customize the starter site with your brand, so your site will be as unique as you.

Enjoy your beautiful online home!

You will receive a beautiful, fully functional website, ready to share with the world. If you like, I will even take care of all the ongoing maintenance and technical stuff, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Ready to get started?

The Simple Starter Site is just $249

You will also get an amazing price on my hosting and maintenance plans,
starting at $49/month for everything you need to keep your website running beautifully.

You will be redirected to a simple form in my client portal.
Fill it out and I will be in contact in just a few days to start dreaming up your new online home! 


Yes and no. Your site will have the same basic layout as other Simple Starter Sites, but will look completely unique with your own images, fonts, colors, and text. 

Not at all! The demos are simply for inspiration. The Simple Starter Sites are available to use in any industry.

You bet! You can learn more about my custom sites at

Of course! While I am not a branding expert, I do have several online sources that are excellent aids in choosing colors and fonts. I am happy to work with you in designing a branding scheme for your business that you will love. 

Fortunately, there are many great sources for royalty free images. Some are even free! I am happy to help you find images that will look great and reflect your brand.

Nope, that particular task is up to you. 

I will edit photos for an additional fee of $50/hour. However, optimizing your photos for online use is included in the price of the Simple Starter Site.

I think my website care plans are an amazing deal! Starting at just $79/month, I will manage your hosting on a high-end, WordPress optimized server and will take care of all the technical behind-the-scenes stuff for you. Learn more about the website care plans at

Nope, but why wouldn’t you? I offer great hosting, paired with ongoing maintenance for an amazing price! Learn more about it at

Simple Starter Sites generally take 2 to 3 weeks once the project starts. Most of that time is spent completing several rounds of revisions to make sure your site is absolutely perfect! Please note that to best serve all my clients I only work on a small number of sites at one time, so it may be several weeks until I can begin yours.

No problem! If you are on my upgraded monthly care plan ($79/month) you will receive up to 60 minutes a month of front-end changes. Otherwise, I am happy to make all the future updates you like at a rate of $50/hour. 

No, I don’t. Because I take the time to get to know my clients and partner with them on building businesses that they love and that will hopefully make a big impact in the world, I am very careful who I work with. I value conservative, Christian based business practices, and choose to not work with businesses that are against these standards. I also work primarily with creative solo entrepreneurs, and try to only work with people and organizations who are committed to upright, positive, and encouraging business practices. 

Simple Starter Site Demos

Each demo is intended to help you visualize the beautiful potential in a one-page site and to inspire your imagination! Your site will be unique to your business with your own images, fonts, colors, and text. 

A bold site with fixed sidebar navigation.

An elegant, classy, and airy site.

A dark site with fixed sidebar navigation.

What's included in the Simple Starter Site...

With a Simple Starter Site, you will get a simple site customized with your fonts, colors, images, and text. While your new website will be simple, it won’t be generic or boring and certainly won’t look like everyone else’s sites. It will be beautifully and uniquely styled to fit your brand, and will stunningly showcase your business. I will even take care of the ongoing maintenance for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Site design & building - $249

The Simple Starter Site is a one-page site (plus a privacy policy page to make sure you are on the up-and-up with the internet privacy police) based on one of my design templates, then customized with your unique images, fonts, colors, and text.

All of your information will be displayed beautifully on a single page. This is a trend in website design that not only looks cool, but is easy for potential customers to interact with and quickly find the information they are looking for.

On the technical side of things, your site will be search engine optimized and will have security and analytics tools installed and activated.

Are you worried about managing your website after it is built? Not to worry! You’re not on your own! I will personally train you on how to work with your new website and am here to answer any questions you may have in the future. And if you would rather not deal with it at all, my monthly hosting and care plans are a fantastic hands-off option!

Optional website sections include (but aren’t limited to): 

  • header with your tagline
  • benefit section letting potential customers know how much they will love your product
  • about section where you can tell the world all about you and your amazing accomplishments
  • customer review section
  • pricing or product line-up section to explain your offerings in more detail
  • FAQ section
  • links to your social media accounts
  • simple contact form or email opt-in form
  • call-to-action to encourage potential new customers to reach out or make a purchase

Turn around time

2 to 3 weeks once your project begins. Please note that to best serve every client, I limit the number of new websites that I work on at one time, so it may be several weeks before I can begin your project.

Optional monthly care plans - starting at $79/month

Generic hosting and out-of-date plugins (the pieces of code that give your site its functions) lead to poor site performance, big security risks, and even completely broken websites. It requires a lot of ongoing maintenance to keep a site functioning optimally. Save yourself hours of time every month by letting me and my team manage the technical stuff for you.


My monthly care plans include hosting with dedicated server resources and IP addresses (no shared hosting here! This feature alone can easily cost hundreds of dollars a month on many server platforms!) for up to 20,000 visitors a month. 

Your hosting account will include SSL, super-strong server-based security, premium caching, and a content delivery network (CDN) to keep your site speedy.

Ongoing technical care

In addition to top-notch hosting, you will receive automated uptime monitoring and nightly backups. Your website’s core files and plugins will be manually updated then visually inspected for errors every week. You’ll have access to all premium WPMD DEV plugins as needed to enhance your site’s functionality. Your site will be protected by a premium site-based security plugin to add additional layers of protection, plus malware removal in the remote chance a hacker manages to get through our super tough security.

The journey to your beautiful new online home begins here!

Fill out this simple questionnaire to get started. It’s your opportunity to tell me a little about you and your business so we can start dreaming up your perfect online home.